Rev. Fr. Charles Monkonsoh was born in Tamale on 22nd January 1987 to Mr. Albert K. Monkonsoh of blessed memory and Helena Yaa Asunki. Born in a Catholic family, he was baptized as an infant by late Monsignor Balee in the OLA Cathedral Tamale. He started school at St. Peter’s primary school here in Tamale. When he was in primary one, the family was displaced by the 1992 conflict commonly known as the Guinea fowl war. With time the family relocated from Tamale to Balai a village in the Kpandai district.

While in the village he was enrolled in to Balai primary school where he had his elementary education from 1994-2002. From 2002-2004 he had his Junior Secondary education at St. Kizito Roman Catholic Junior Secondary School in Kpandai. Unable to pursue secondary education due to financial difficulties, he reregister and wrote his BECE in 2006 while helping his father in the farm. Rev.Fr. Charles Monkonsoh also attended Tamale Secondary School from 2007-2009. Having successfully completed Tamale Secondary School, he became interested in music and soon became a member of the choir in the village. It was during this time that he was asked during Mass by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Zaato as to what he would like to be in future. He told Father that he would like to be a priest. Fr. Sebastian smiled and told him that he is the Vocations Director and that when the time of application comes he should not tell him he has changed his mind. After the Vocations Director journeyed with him for some time, he entered the St. Victor’s Major Seminary in 2011 where he started his formation at St. Michael’s Major Seminary in Kaleo. From 2012-2015 he studied philosophy in St. Augustine’s Millennium Major Seminary. From St. Augustine Millennium Major Seminary, he furthered his seminary formation to St. Victor’s Major Seminary from 2016-2020 where he studied theology for four years and a year of pastoral experience at Holy Cross Parish. He returned to the seminary after pastoral year and was ordained a deacon on the 23 of November 2019 with sixteen of his classmates. Today 27th of June, 2020 he is ordained a priest for the Catholic Archdiocese of Tamale.      


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