About the Institution:  St Lucy Polyclinic is a registered   Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG)

Before it construction, health service were carried out at the Reverend Sister’s convent. The Rev. Sisters of Mary Immaculate (S M I) began operating as a mobile clinic to the rural communities nearby, and later at in-conductive hall of the Holy Cross Parish. The Rev Sisters were the only staff running the mobile clinic service until 1987 when the lay faithful professional nurse started joining the Catholic Health Service of Tamale specifically on marital grounds among other reasons.

The Polyclinic was built and commissioned by the Arch Bishop Emeritus, Most Rev. Gregory Ebo Kpiebaya on the 17th May, 2008. The construction of the Polyclinic has remained supreme to the Archdiocesan Health Service of Tamale as health care delivery was basically that of primary Health service which could not be sustained. It also offered the opportunity to the staff to provide other basic health care needs for   the population most especially delivery service and other vital curative service among the people of the Choggu sub-district and beyond.

 THE MISSION: “The Tamale Archdiocesan Health Service (TADHS) exist to provide quality and accessible health care service to all manner of persons in its catchment communities, especially the most deprived areas, in such a way as can be likened to the continue Healing Ministry of Christ on earth”.


                 THE VISION: “Is that sustainable but Holistic Health Care Services provided down to the poor and marginalized in our deprived communities through the most effective/efficient applications of modern knowledge and contemporary innovations and technology, as well as strict adherence to existing Catholic values, ethics and morals in service delivery”

Address : St. Lucy Polycinic P. O BOX 163 TAMALE

Location: Kpalsi, under Sagnarigu District. It is ahead of the Tamale Technical University.


Services :

      • O P D Services
      • Laboratory Services
      • Antenatal care services    
      • Child Welfare Clinic Services
      • Scanning Services
      • Eye Services
      •  Ear Nose and Throat Services
      • Dental services
      • Dispensary Services
      • Admissions
      • Detentions
      • Referrals
      • N H I S Claims processing
      • Records services
      • Delivery services